Sunday, 28 March 2010

Exploding Cinema highlights

Hippo Birdwings by Andrew Rowe, 2009

Simply a recording of a real life conversation, but I like the simple, textual presentation that Rowe has used. Very simple but very effective, and well received.

Suck A Thumb - Richard Mansfield 

A shadow puppet movie made using card cut-outs filmed live rather than animated. Based on the story by Heinrich Hoffman.

There were also a couple of good documentaries, one about race relations in Luton titled The United Colours Of Luton by Gagandeep Singh, which put forward the view that different communities within the same town or city need to have open channels of communication to prevent them from becoming insular, and a fascinating documentary called Vanilla by Jason Gleeson about the vanilla trade in Madagascar, and how the expensive vanilla trade collapsed in 2005 when Coca Cola stopped using real vanilla in their soft drinks and left Madagascar in serious economic trouble. Very enlightening and taught me a lot I didn't know.

Critical Error=True was premiered, which is the latest Jim and Heinz story, featuring a pair of friends who try to find a deleted forum post by following their internet cables to the heart of the internet. Very amusing, told in stills like La Jetée. 

Unfortunately there are no youtube links for these last three yet.

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