Monday, 10 May 2010

Grenade - the band responds

Showed the video to the band yesterday. Got a good export on youtube and sent them a private link.

They like it! Thank God! :-D

I showed it to Pablo while we were at work and he loved it and heaped an inordinate amount of sincerely gratifying praise on it. Aw, thanks Pabs!!

A few more tweaks before it's totally finished. It won't be on youtube until I finish the Half A Glass video, but watch this space, it will be up soon ;-)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Grenade - Finished!! MOSTLY.

That's it! After several long nights staring into Final Cut Express (a really great program and a good step up from iMovie) I have finished the music video for Grenade!!

I now don't need to worry about my earlier voiced concern of using several "chunks" from the same master clip throughout the video, Final Cut lets you do this no problem, and changing the IN and OUT points on your master won't alter any clips already in the timeline which are from the same master. A lot of people smarter than me will be reading that and saying "no shit" but I'm learning by doing, with not much background knowledge, and I'm learning a lot! Feeling much more confident with the program now.

A few hiccups and backtracks required, but I got there in the end. Really quite proud of the final video, although it's not as good as I was hoping. Video quality is a step up from what I'm used to but not as good as when I played the miniDV through my camcorder into my TV, then it looked great! I am still getting some horizontal lines in my attempts at a full quality output (although I am ticking the de-interlace source video option) so I need more time with that. I could probably do with understanding more about the different formats. I am also getting a kind of blur around the edges/slight ghosting that is only really visible on freeze frames, I expected this from my camcorder but was hoping I'd have more clarity with the big-ass Sony camera I was using. I think that might be a limitation of miniDV though, as I was still using miniDV casettes.

I have to edit the video for Half A Glass yet, so I don't know if the band want this video to be available publicly yet. Still putting the final touches on. But as soon as I am all the way finished, I will post the video here!

Thanks for reading!! x x

Friday, 7 May 2010



save save save

Editing Grenade

I'm editing Grenade today.
I've noticed while filming I've done a lot of stuff wrong, I cut my camera off too quickly after getting a take, which is making logging the scenes onto my hard drive difficult, I didn't note down what I did as I was doing it so finding the footage has required me to go through all the tapes again, and I left the camera running for ages in between takes, which is just tedious.

From now on I'm going to record the takes only, but make sure I have plenty of time around each take for logging. I'm also going to probably invest in a clapperboard, it really helps with naming and numbering scenes and dividing takes. Plus they look like fun. They also help with synching your recorded audio with your video, which, considering I have no mic input on my consumer camcorder and will be recording sound to a separate source, might become an issue in the future and it would be helpful.

Back to the video itself...

Why is there always a band member smiling nervously at camera, wincing at the spotlights, or cleaning his ears out during the best performance takes??? Gah.