Friday, 7 May 2010

Editing Grenade

I'm editing Grenade today.
I've noticed while filming I've done a lot of stuff wrong, I cut my camera off too quickly after getting a take, which is making logging the scenes onto my hard drive difficult, I didn't note down what I did as I was doing it so finding the footage has required me to go through all the tapes again, and I left the camera running for ages in between takes, which is just tedious.

From now on I'm going to record the takes only, but make sure I have plenty of time around each take for logging. I'm also going to probably invest in a clapperboard, it really helps with naming and numbering scenes and dividing takes. Plus they look like fun. They also help with synching your recorded audio with your video, which, considering I have no mic input on my consumer camcorder and will be recording sound to a separate source, might become an issue in the future and it would be helpful.

Back to the video itself...

Why is there always a band member smiling nervously at camera, wincing at the spotlights, or cleaning his ears out during the best performance takes??? Gah.

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