Just a guy with a video camera and a copy of Final Cut Express looking to make video projects as inexpensively as possible. This isn't my day job, I have a full time job that I have to work around, so progress isn't always speedy.

I figured that a lot of people are in a similar situation, so I thought it might help others if I write about my experiences and the problems I encounter. Reading books by famous directors is one thing, but when you're doing everything by yourself, there's a whole different list of things to consider.

This blog is to entertain, and hopefully inform, even if the latter takes the form of a "how not to do things" list. I've got no training, I'm just learning as I go, and you can read about every screw-up on my blog, and of course, I'll post any work I finish.

Thanks for reading me. Feel free to contact me with any questions or post comments in the blog itself. I'll respond to everyone.