Monday, 1 August 2011

Brain fight!!

No action on the film front just yet, everyone is taking turns to take two weeks holiday, meaning we won't have a full team for a long time. I really should organise something though, perhaps I'll lift my lethargic hands today and type out an email to everyone to arrange the next bit of rehearsal.

However, a little news to report, a conversation with a friend has spun from a funny idea into possibly a full blown music video. The excellent Frau Pouch are considering a music video featuring a brain fight in a science laboratory. Like a food fight but with brains. Because of logistics and Evil Deadness, we might even host a brain fight in the woods. With zombies. A really interesting turn of events for me is that we might film it all (or at least mostly) on a super8 handheld, and then transfer it to miniDV using a DV camera and a projector.

This madness has only really erupted this morning, but if I can swing it, I think I can have the pleasure of helming this disgusting little foray.