Thursday, 4 March 2010

New music video with the Explorer's Collective!

After our last video, local band The Explorer's Collective have asked me to direct their NEXT TWO videos. The first is a song called Grenade, about how events and catastrophies can fall into our life and derail our plans. An unexpected pregnancy, getting made redundant, being dumped by your partner, all metaphorical grenades. Our video will be simple, footage of the guys each receiving a metaphorical grenade. We've actually bought a genuine cast WW2 grenade from a military surplus store to act as a physical representation. Whereas our first song was very much literal and followed the lyrics, this song is more abstract and the last thing I wanted to film was people throwing grenades at each other. Because this song isn't about the military ordinance, it's about sudden life changing events that detonate and send you reeling. It's a metaphor. But I thought, why not use the grenade prop as a physical metaphor? We can have footage of people being handed the grenade by their boss (you're fired) their partner (you're dumped) by a high court judge (you're going to jail) and so on.

Explorer Mark has a nice video projector I want to use too, I want to try to project footage over the band members themselves as they play, to give the video an extra layer of information and hopefully some interesting visual trickery.

Going "on location" (God I love saying that) tonight at Mark's place, although we're probably going to film it in a rehearsal studio.

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