Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Shooting first draft of the GRENADE video on Friday!

Was arranging a meeting with The Explorer's Collective in order to go over my current draft for the Grenade video, but I thought that doing was better than talking, so we've decided to film a dry run of the video and then do a rough edit and use that as a launching pad for a next draft. We did the same thing with the Bangers And Mash video and it was a good way to work. It gives us some immediate visual clues as to how the video is looking, lets us know if the edits will fit into the song, and encourages exciting feedback from everyone involved. It also gives me some much needed experience at shooting, editing, and bossing people around!

Friday should be fun. We're going to start with a quick reconnaisance mission at Perry Vale Studios, as we will be using their live room to film the video (thanks Pat Collier!). I'll make some notes and check the space and lighting situation. Then it's back to Mark's to shoot a dry run of the video on my trusty camcorder and then edit it together at home.

The exciting news is, when it comes to the day of the shoot, Mark of The Explorer's is hiring a Canon XL2 videocamera. These are crazy expensive big-time cameras that are way way way out of my league. This one comes with it's own cameraman too, a friend of Mark's called Andy, who is going to help me on the project. Not something I'm used to, and something I'm terrified by, but hey, it's a great opportunity! Who knows, maybe he'll let me hold it for a little while. If that happens, I hope I don't drop it.

Here it is:
Well I better get cracking and get my storyboard ready for the weekend!

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