Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Exploding Cinema

Exploding Cinema is a collective that hold screening nights every two months in London. Currently residing in the Cross Kings pub in Kings Cross.

They will show pretty much anything you send them, and they are dedicated to celebrating hard work and talent without any industry intervention. In fact, they seem pretty disillussioned with the industry in general and their website makes for some interesting reading. There's a lot there, but have a browse, it's all good stuff.

I love their ethos, and I think it's damn admirable. There's a great feeling of a communal anarchy running through their veins.

If you've got some work (under 15 mins) that you'd like to screen, send it to them, and then come on down and be present for the screening. But no-one is going to hold your hand and tell you your work is awesome if it's terrible, and I like that honesty.

Next show - Fri 26th March

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