Monday, 1 March 2010

New book - Film Directing, Shot by Shot - Katz

This is a bit of a staple I think for pretty much anyone who wants to get involved in filmmaking, editing, film production, and so on. So far it's really good. He goes into a lot of detail and makes things very clear. The first section, on storyboarding, really hits home how important it is to storyboard your ideas, and I think he's really right. Speaking from my own limited experience, if you're going to shoot something and edit it together, you really need to storyboard it, just so you know what you're doing. It also opens up a whole new world of ideas once you see your thoughts on paper.

I know I'm a complete newcomer and I've only made a couple of stupid videos but I can say that Katz is right, you really must storyboard. Even if you haven't got an artistic bone in your body, stick figures and planning your camera set up is really useful. Plus it's kinda fun.

I really want to gravitate towards doing something a little more ambitious and worthwhile, and I'm glad that I'm giving myself good habits nice and early.

I've got several more chapters to go, but I can already tell this book will teach me a lot.

Here's the link to buy it from amazon:

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