Saturday, 13 March 2010

Working on the GRENADE video today

Just some basic prep work... I did this for the previous video and it felt like a good way to work. I break the song up into lines and verses and instrumentals and number them all and note how long each chunk lasts in seconds. This gives me a good idea of how much time I can give to certain parts of the song and lets me see if I'm going to need to run out of footage or if I need to cull scenes to make them shorter.

This is just basic structure work and can of course change completely or even go out the window when it comes to the final edit. The previous video, Bangers and Mash, had a story that fitted the lyrics quite tightly, so this was a useful way to work. This video won't be anchored so tightly the lyrics and will be less literal so I don't want to paint myself into a corner by doing this, but it's a good a first step as any!

I already have some ideas of the scenes I want to see, so we'll see how this fits!

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