Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A day off work is a day in the editor's chair

I'm home from work today. Not for any glamorous reasons or because I'm off on an exciting video shoot, but simply because we're receiving a big delivery of dog food and I can't risk leaving it thawing on the steps for the whole day. I don't think the pup would ever forgive me.

So, what to do with my day? After my initial left brain/right brain struggle over whether to push on with some video work or eat a fistful of hallucinogenics and play video games, I decided that sensibility must prevail and I have set the "editing suite" up so I can make  a dent in my backed up video projects. It's also an excellent opportunity to spend a few hours encased in the beautiful headphones I got last week.

First of all, I'm working on the full set that Houdini performed from the David Lynch night at the Urban Bar. I've got two camera angles and I'm taking little snapshots from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me into the mix. It's the same theme as the video that is already up, which covers the opening track.

Next I'm moving on to uploading an Explorer's Collective set from New Cross that I taped a long time ago but never put together, to my shame.

Today I will also be putting the finishing touches to the Frau Pouch @Soup Studios session, and I'm going to continue working on the Houdini promo from the same session. So far I've got the tracks vaguely lined up, now I just need to choose my angles and then make sure that the track visually matches the audio, which is going to be the tricky part. The final touch on the Houdini promo is to layer over Greg doing the vocals, which I'll be taping on Thursday, back at Soup Studios.

The "new project" is still on the horizon until I can get everything else clear. I need a clean slate before I can start to tackle that, because it's going to take a lot of concentration.

I started this blog post this morning, and I've been writing it in between editing, or while waiting for videos to render, and the hours have just flown by. I really love this, and wish I could do it more often.

More tea, and onwards, good fellows.

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