Thursday, 10 May 2012

Quick plug for The Explorer's Collective video - live from Forest Hill

First of all this isn't my work, but rather the work of The Explorer's Collective. They are a loose and changeable group of musicians and artists based mainly around South East London who work with different artists and genres. Collaborators become part of "The Collective".

This is a short series of videos they put together during a live studio session at Perry Vale Studios, Forest Hill, to promote their new album 13 Zeros. featuring performances, interviews with members of the Collective, and snippets of their music videos. I've worked on music videos with the band before and have been friends with many of the core members for a few years. I even count myself as a Collective member (if they'll have me) and the "new project" that I'm working on with polymaths Mark and Frazer will hopefully come out under the Collective banner. Unless, you know, it's shit, which is a very real possibility.

The talented Andy Fernandez filmed and produced these mini video segments. Full credit to you, sir.

The session features interviews and performances from artists such as Pentland, Dray, Gloves Off, Jude Edwin Scott, and flautist Pyepi

If you're curious about the Collective, what they do and how they came to being, spend a bit of time with the video segments. Their story comes in 3 parts.


  1. Wow love these videos it is really nice to see behind the scenes instead of just the final songs

  2. Great stuff can't wait for the next gig