Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mashed bikes and vocal tapings

Fucked my bike up this morning. I was on my way to work, climbing the big hills on the way in. The chain slipped off the lowest chainring when I changed gear and wrapped around the pedal axle, locking the pedals and causing me to fall off the bike. The chainring got bent out of shape. So did I. After getting the bike out of the road and trying unsuccessfully to disengage the chain from where it was wedged tightly around the axel by the chainring bolts (a terrible design) I went all Basil Fawlty on the bastard bike before wheeling it home. The first Dee knew about it was when the back gate opened and my bike swan dived into the rear garden followed by me, covered in chain oil, late for work and furious.

Like this, only less manly.

Anyway, the bike is recovering, after some research I think I should be able to disassemble the pedals to get the chain off, and bend the rings back in place with an adjustable spanner. Part of my rage was due to me getting the sweats thinking about the cost of possible repair. We've got no money, a recent review of our finances reveals we currently make £100 less a month than we spend, and we are making cuts everywhere we can (we have some debts to clear). But I do already own an adjustable spanner, so that's something.

I was at Soup Studios again last Thursday, doing pick ups on Houdini's performance video. I wanted to record Greg doing the vocals for their track, as the last time I filmed them it was purely instrumental. Now I have enough footage to put the "behind the scenes" music video together for the guys. All the tracks are in place, I just need a single good few hours to make it whole. Frau Pouch's taping goes live on Monday 14th May, Houdini's will be available from Monday 21st May. I'll post video links here once they're up, so watch this space!

Next up, work on the video for the game I'm helping develop (full credit to the programmers who are doing the real work on this one, they are amazingly talented people) and after that I will finally get started on the "new project" of olde. All the scenes are filmed, I just need to put them together (it's a little more complicated than that of course). Mark, Frazer and Boppy the housecat must be going mad with the wait, but I want to make sure I can focus purely on that project, without distraction. I need to clean my slate first. No new projects on the horizon just yet.

That's pretty much on the video front for now. I'm working a long shift today, 8.30 till 9pm. Wish I was home with a cup of tea! Dee and I started watching Game Of Thrones a few days ago. 7 episodes in to the first season so far. Goddamn, that's a great show, I didn't think it would be so good. I have a small aversion to the fantasy genre. I love sci-fi, but fantasy is often so... adolescent.
I won't be home til after 10pm, wonder if we can squeeze an episode in before bed...

I'll certainly try!

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