Saturday, 27 February 2010

What do I want?

Basically I want to work on some small scale video projects. I'm new to this and as such I want to bumble along and make my own mistakes, so I'm not looking to get a budget or hire a sizeable crew. No thank you!! It's easy to get stuck in and just do your own thing and with a little planning you don't need much help. It's a different story if you're trying to create something incredibly worthwhile, and you NEED talented people to help you. But these are my first steps, and I'm not doing this for anyone but myself at the moment. I'll draft in my friends and we'll have some fun. If I get off the starting blocks okay, maybe I can look towards doing something more impressive, or working with more people.

A lot of filmmaking books and guides will tell you to assemble a crew, or to find ways to drum up a budget, and will give you trails to follow to production agencies and professionals and unions and blah blah blah. Consumer camcorders are idiot friendly and nowhere near as complex as proper film cameras or even high-end DV cameras, you don't actually NEED a crew like that. Or a budget. Even low budget films cost crazy amounts of money that I'm never going to see. I'm very much looking at NO budget filmmaking, films made with spending as little money as possible and without a paid crew.

So I want to work on no-budget films, working very much with a small team of friends and doing much of this alone (no better way to get your head around editing than to do it yourself) and definitely outside of the system of film and media production. I'm not really interested in finding a job in filmmaking. I just want to get stuck in and do things my way.

By the way, if getting a career in film production is your goal, then you should probably find a way in, even from the bottom. Working with other people will probably teach you a lot, and working in the system will bring you closer to what you want to achieve or will at least put you on the ladder. I'm not looking for a career. Just a hobby.

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