Saturday, 27 February 2010

The first video I ever made with my camera: (early camera test - terrible)

I'm no Kubrick. I made this video at work with my friend Matt. It was a test run with just the two of us playing various characters, I just wanted to try and edit a scene together. This was shot in a dark room at the back of my workplace. The blood squib worked really well! Unfortunately the room was dark so it doesn't show up well. In fact the visual quality is terrible, a lot more lighting was needed.

It's confusing and looks a bit rubbish. I wasn't concerned with lighting or aesthetics, and at the time I knew even less about composition than I do now. Like I said though, I just wanted to get stuck in and see if I could edit a scene together. I lightly storyboarded and shot it out of sequence order. After I put it together I realised it was utter crap so I stuck some Stooges on it because Iggy makes everything better!!

Please note that this is just test footage, I am well aware that it is terrible!!!!!!!!!!

I slo-mo'd the blood squib on a replay because that was the best bit!!

Unfortunately the film that this would have been test footage for is no longer a project I'm working on. It was a childish and juvenile idea for a project, ninjas and swordfighting and gunplay. But what's the point if it's not fun!!!! It's a shame I won't get to make it, but the rest of the world is probably better for it!!

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