Saturday, 27 February 2010

DIY rigs for your camera

Some great websites on build-it-yourself rigs and dollies and cranes and other cool things to stick your camcorder on!!! Really fun and inspirational. (registration required, free and totally worth it). Some of this stuff is really easy to make and super-no-budget!

A great blog by a guy who does high-end video and photography for fun. I love his rigs, I don't have the means to build such amazing things myself but this is a great place to get ideas.

A website that sells blueprints for DIY lighting rigs, tripods, dollys and all kinds of cool stuff. I've never bought anything from here, but I like looking at the pictures :-s

More of the same:

THE FIG RIG - a camera rig designed by Mike Figgis for digital video cameras. Because these cameras are so very light and often handheld, camera shake can be a real issue, especially when you blow your footage up on a projector. Previously tiny movements become big sweeping judders in your cinematography and can make your audience feel sick! Manfrotto have built Mike's fig rig and are selling them for a lot of money.... make one yourself!! The fig rig works by stabilising the camera and using your elbows and arms to absorb all the little tremors. You can make a basic version with PVC piping or with bits of wood. There's dozens of variations... Here's one

I made my own one out a leftover lump of wood and a sawed up broom handle. I wish I had a proper workshop... I had to use a pound-store saw and I broke my cheap drill while knocking all this up on my bedroom floor. It's taking the basic idea of the fig rig and stripping it down to basics, but it does the job! Crappy image here

That's what's great about a lot of the tutorials you can find online. You can just adapt the basics and make something at home practically for nothing.

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