Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rough cut of the new project nearly ready.

I've almost finished the first (reeeaaallly) rough cut of the New Project. Just got one more scene (of eight) to cobble together and then it's done. After that I just need to fine tune the scenes, edit them down to make them tight, play with the audio tracks and record any foley sounds and effects, then it will be ready to show to Mark and Frazer. The ever patient Mark and Frazer.

I found this when I google image searched "patient". Not really relevant. 

After that it will be a bit more tidying up and working out how to transition between the different scenes, then colour correcting where needed, adding titles and credits. Very short credits!

I have to admit that I have spent a little too much time with some scenes, meaning that they are almost finished while others are barely started. I will be a little more disciplined from now on and be sure to finish one job before moving on to the next.

Once the (reeeaaallly) rough cut is ready I can watch it with a notepad and take note of all the scenes that need extra audio. Getting the audio fixed is the next step.

Some scenes were actually filmed without audio - with the intention of adding it later. A lot of this extra audio was pre-planned and recorded on the day - this is where obsessive note taking comes in. Sometimes I wish I had an assistant just to take notes (and make me tea?), but I'm trying to do everything myself, the benefit is that it forces me to be efficient (or to make horrible mistakes and learn the errors of my ways).

Other scenes will need the audio recorded, which should be fun both to record and to edit in to the main mix.

This is provided I can stay out of the hospital! In three days I've had three cars run me off the road in London while cycling. Each one was a damn close call. I'm beginning to wonder if someone has it in for me.

Thanks for reading!

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