Thursday, 31 March 2011

First readthrough with a non-principal character

On Tuesday we met with our friend Vince, who will be reading for Ken, the manager of the Electric Edwardians. Ken is the non-principle character with the most scenes, and the first casting we've done outside of the band who are all playing versions of themselves.

We had a laid back readthrough at my place (the bonus of not having to travel!) over a few beers, and Vince was absolutely brilliant. We had a great laugh and read over his scenes a few times and tried a few things out. It was utterly relaxed and everything came very naturally.

I think Vince is our man!!

Over the next few months we'll probably have similar readthroughs, with the principal cast present to read with the new cast member. Once we have had a low-key rehearsal with each cast member I'm planning to bring everyone together at a party, perhaps a barbecue, so that everyone can meet and mingle. We're all untrained actors, and I think everyone probably feels nervous about acting next to a stranger, so we'll remove that barrier.

The last thing I want on this project is for people to feel stressed. Perhaps I might need to help myself out and get some people to assist me during shooting, I've got a lot on my plate!

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