Friday, 1 April 2011


Right now we film 18 scenes in 15 locations.

That's a HELL of a lot of locations for a no budget movie.

On the one hand, having that amount of variety might make our short film look less "cheap" but on the other, I might be biting off more than any of us can chew. I don't want to be making this movie forever, so I am taking a look at our location lists and seeing where I can move things around and re-use locations. Sometimes we can even use one location but film it as two, for example, seperate rooms of a house could double as completely different locations.

Some scenes can be quite easily tweaked, for example, instead of the band members visiting a friend, he visits them, as we've already got a scene based in their flat. That takes one location out of the equation. The scene might need a tiny bit of a re-write because of that but doing so also enables us to get creative and see old lines from a fresh perspective. I think I'll go over this in detail with the writers, we can get together over a cold one and work out some solutions.

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