Thursday, 3 March 2011


I have a worklight from Wickes that we bought years ago for £15 (reduced) to light up our garden during a BBQ party. It hasn't worked since then. I bought some replacement bulbs and it's back in business!

It's 500w so nice and bright. I'm thinking of using this as my main light in my no-budget lighting setup. The only problem is the metal grille over the glass, it casts a shadow. What's a guy to do? I tell you what. Prise that metal grille off with his bare hands, that's what! I managed to do so without breaking the glass beneath or lacerating my hands.

Here's just hoping that the glass doesn't get smashed now that it has no protection.
So, I now have a powerful light for video shoots. I will look into getting a dimmer plug/extension lead to give me some control over the output, as this particular light is only either off or on.

One step closer to a great set up.

The tripod is still an issue. There's no cheap alternative.

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