Monday, 16 August 2010

Half A Glass second version wrapped!

Okay, we did it! We shot the entire video! We had four days to film the video, which you might remember me mentioning earlier, was a re-shoot of a video I filmed for the band The Explorer's Collective, who have been letting me get my wings by directing videos for them, even if some of them are a little rough! I'm learning more each time.

We did a video for their song Half A Glass, but it didn't really work. We decided to shoot it again, over a few drinks we decided that, drunkenly, a violent action video would be fun to shoot and a total departure from the original idea.

The four days just gone were that shoot. Coming up is a day by day account of the shoot, which might be of interest to someone. Maybe. Maybe not.

The previous week I had been away camping, and the week before that I had shot a test run with the band to see if the editing would work given the action scenes, something I hadn't really done before. As with other videos, it was looking to turn into a fun muck-about rather than anything with serious pretensions. That shoot was okay, and I got to use my new clapperboard extensively which made logging and editing so much easier and more controlled. The video turned out okay too. But now it was time for the real deal.

You can find the day by day account of the proceedings in the blog.

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