Thursday, 28 October 2010

Turning 30 - starting my own script, and working on someone else's!

Turned 30 last week.

Don't feel any different.


Started working out the bones of my own script for a short film. Had previously tried but always seemed to hit a wall. I know I CAN do it, but when I sit down I feel underprepared. I think I need to be sparked by inspiration.

Funnily enough, some small changes to a story I've been ruminating on for a while actually sparked me a little, and the new angle got me writing. Or rather, sketching out.

I've been inspired to get cracking with making my own story because I read recently read a script by two members of the Explorer's Collective. Frazer and Mark wrote a script for a short film about a struggling SE London band who aren't going anywhere. It was actually pretty damn good, and having been in a struggling SE London band myself for 6 years (we called it a day almost two years ago) the script was achingly familiar. I thought if they can summon up the energy and will to actually write an entire script together, surely I can summon the gusto to start myself.

Interestingly, I have been asked to help the guys realise their vision for the film. So I am taking my first tentative steps on a short film project. It's early days, but we're going to have the band members Neil, Frazer, Pablo and Mark star in the project, playing characters that are loosely based on themselves. The benefits are that working with these guys is not new to me, and they can actually play a live set without miming so we can get some great live footage for use in the film, as the script calls for several gigs to take place. Frazer and Mark had written the script for a 3 piece band with a female singer, so they need to reshuffle the dynamics somewhat to fit the four piece all male band. Certain aspects of the story will need to be slightly altered and the script rewritten. They are beavering away at it now. We got together for a meeting which netted me free beer and pizza. Oh yeah, I'm living the dream!!!

We're getting together to do a read through next week. I like the guys, I've had fun working with them and directing them in the music videos, so I am really curious how this will pan out. I love the idea of working with non-actors and having non professionals helping me. I may well need to record sound seperately which would mean bringing a sound man in, more than likely a friend rather than a professional. I very much doubt anyone will be getting paid, so I need volunteers. I've already started looking at locations for filming. We have agreed that we will not rush this, and it will be a long slow process, probably at least 6 months. I really love the idea of just getting out there and doing it, and not being tied up by raising funds, hiring expensive equipment, or paying for locations. I want to make this for as little money as possible, partly because I don't have any money, and partly because I want to make something without money in the equation.

Whether or not my camcorder will be enough for film with is another matter.

Still, exciting times.

This project may end up being aborted or going nowhere. But we're taking our first tentative steps into the darkness.

Ooh, hold my hand.


  1. So who are they getting to be their female lead? :)

  2. No-one :-) "Frazer and Mark had written the script for a 3 piece band with a female singer, so they need to reshuffle the dynamics somewhat to fit the four piece all male band."

    It's going to be re-written as a male band. But I think only a 3 piece, as 3 is a good number for the dynamic. A fourth band member will play a supporting role.