Sunday, 20 June 2010

Half A Glass mark II

Okay, I met with the guys after work in a nearby pub to discuss the next step after they confessed that they weren't that crazy about the Half A Glass video I had made for them. We got drunk and had a great time and went back to Mark's and got even more intoxicated and ate pizza and had some guitar sing alongs.

We decided to start from scratch, as the current video was already a strong edit but needed a complete fresh start. I mentioned an idea I've had for a while for an ultraviolent video where the band are all trying to kill each other, and I can finally use that stupid prop gun and some blood spray and maybe even some car chases. We were all drunk and we all agreed it sounded awesome.

Cue the next morning, and I was very excited (and very hungover) about the idea. As time has gone on, I have began to wonder if perhaps the song fits the video idea at all. Part of me thinks the juxtaposition of the two is what will make it work really well. Part of me wonders if that's just bullshit. My problem was that I could never get the song to fit what was happening. I envisioned a moment where the video would change from a rehearsal to the band all killing each other, but such a visual tempo change would probably need a tempo change in the song to click. But last night the thought occured to me that I should ditch the "genre change" moment and make it a stupid action video from the start.

I'm working on an idea now, and it's just writing itself. Should be able to present it to guys soon. This is going to be a much bigger production than anything I've done before. I must be careful not to over-extend myself at such an early stage!!

Wish me luck

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